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7 tips on why your website may not be ranking on Google search

One secret your website builder or SEO marketing company hopes you don't figure out.

One very huge change in how Google ranks your site has changed. If you've noticed a dip or drop in your organic search ranking there is a reason and your website designer or management company hopes you don't figure it out before they can sell you on a new redesigned website, or maybe they have no clue themselves.

7 Top reasons Google may be ranking your website lower, or not at all.

The foremost reason behind Google potentially lowering your website's ranking or excluding it altogether are as follows:

  1. Excessive loading of images, videos, and content on your homepage, causing it to resemble a lengthy document. Users find the constant scrolling frustrating and the information-seeking process tiresome.

  2. Traditional offcanvas or Hamburger Menus are becoming outdated. Users no longer wish to engage in the "seek and find" game. Google favors interactive homepage icons that users can directly click to resolve their queries or complete purchases.

  3. Overloading your homepage with numerous locations and cities may be seen as spam. Website builders often inundate the homepage with an abundance of locations, which might lead to potential penalties.

  4. Generating location-specific pages with identical content but varying only in location name. Google perceives this as an attempt to manipulate the system, which could negatively impact your rankings. Furthermore, this practice is not only seen as lazy but also counterproductive for achieving favorable rankings and indexing.

  5. Neglecting to optimize images for mobile users. Images that don't adapt properly to various screen sizes can hinder user experience.

  6. Incorporating a toolbar feature catering to mobile users. An easily accessible "Call Now" toolbar along with other primary icons is a feature that Google views positively. It indicates your engagement with mobile users.

  7. Emphasizing speed performance. The disparity in speed between desktop and mobile platforms is the foremost determinant of your Google organic ranking (excluding paid ads). Regardless of the attractiveness of your website or the quality of information it offers, if your website's speed rating falls below 60, achieving a high rank becomes unlikely.

These are the top reasons Google may not rank you well and there are plenty others. The bottom line, if you website is not being built for mobile device users, you will be missing out on huge rankings in your local area.
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